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Aston Martin goes aquatic
with the new AM37 Powerboat

Aston Martin goes aquatic with the new AM37 Powerboat

The story of Aston Martin's rise from a two-man operation working from a small London workshop to a globally respected marque has been long, colourful and often dramatic. Over the course of 102 years, Aston Martin has produced some of the most iconic luxury sports cars representing the ultimate driving experience. Now the British automaker is about to begin a new chapter with the introduction of an exciting range of luxury speed boats.

A collaboration between Quintessence Yachts, Aston Martin, and Mulder Design – the latter of which has created several superyachts based on Bond movies – the AM37 Aston Martin speedboat will be the first powerboat to carry the name and the famous wings of the iconic brand and represent the translation of its DNA in terms of ‘beauty, power and soul’ into a totally new maritime concept.

Interior side

Set to be completed in September, The AM37 Aston Martin speedboat was first revealed at the Aston Martin HQ in Gaydon in April. The impression of the new AM37 was further enhanced in a more recent presentation at Armani Hotel in Dubai, where a number of technologically-advanced yet user-friendly features were disclosed to a specially-invited audience by Quintessence Yachts and Aston Martin Dubai, in partnership with the Berkeley Group. One of the most striking is the sliding deck which allows owners to completely cover the cockpit of the boat at the end of their day out on the water, protecting it from the elements and uninvited guests.

The deck of the AM37 Aston Martin consists of three carbon panels which can be operated by the electronic command of the AM37 key, folding under the aft deck to uncover the cockpit. Once the cockpit is open, the aft deck slides back to facilitate access to the dock and allow those on-board to easily dive into the water and open the swimming ladder. The deck can also be raised to give access to the engine room, storage compartments and bimini top.

Top Open

This unprecedented feature exudes comfort and convenience, removing the need to place all on-board gear and cushions into the interior at the end of each day. With a simple click of a key, owners can close their boat and leave it ready for the next ride. The extraordinary experience provided by the AM37 is further enhanced by its exclusive on-board technologies. The air conditioning, fridge and espresso machine can be started on remote while still at home or driving to the marina. The AM37 also features integrated navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems, with advanced multimedia functions and interactive voice control. The user interface of the multimedia and entertainment system is installed in the 15-inch HD touchscreen on the dashboard, which guests can also use. Owners will have their own dedicated display for monitoring engine status and navigation.

Interior Cockpit

The 37-foot powerboat speedboat will available in two distinguished versions: a ‘gran turismo’ leisure powerboat with a maximum speed of around 44 knots, and a higher version, AM37 S, which will hit the waters with a cruising speed of 32 knots and topping it up to 52 knots.

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