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A Feast for the Eyes:
Merdinger Tableware Collection

A Feast for the Eyes: Merdinger Tableware Collection

Nothing asserts style more than treating your family or guests to a delicious dinner accompanied by authentic, top-of-the-range cutlery. Beautiful cutlery adorns you dinner table and makes a great statement about your attention to detail.

Established three generations ago to create exclusive and original works for the world’s most privileged connoisseur, Merdinger is the heirloom design house for a new generation. With a jeweler’s eye for detail, Merdinger designs and produces exquisite collections of tabletop luxury goods including dinnerware, cutlery, stemware, coffee sets and unique giftware. Composed from the finest quality materials available, Merdinger’s product line explores the cross-section of opulent metals, precious stones, porcelain, crystal and exotic woods. The amalgamation of these select materials is what sets my line apart from the rest, creating items of exceptional beauty, geared towards the market’s most refined clientele.

The Merdinger’s House of Design Arabesque Collection utilizes these universal forms to create elegant tableware products and gifts of enduring beauty, in an alluring merger of old and new, East and West, physical and spiritual. The collection incorporates sophisticated classical patterns side by side to traditional and cutting edge craftsmanship with European quality. It is an alluring mix of old and new, east and west, physical and spiritual that forms a continuum of spiritual and global symbolism of harmony and peace.

The six pieces for six persons Arabesque cutlery set is a handcrafted masterpiece. Its luxuries look and feel can only be achieved by using 3D modeling. The 36 pieces are ergonomically designed. They are made of metal alloys, plated in Titanium & 18 K Gold. The Arabesque pattern is selectively filled with an inlay of Black poly. The pieces are easily & safely stored in a prestige, black piano finish cabinet, combined with an inlay of golden arabesque design. The set includes: Prestige Cutlery cabinet; Dinner Knife 6 piece; Dinner Fork 6 piece; Dinner Spoon 6 piece; Small Fork 6 piece; Small Knife 6 pieces; Small Spoon 6 piece.

The collection can be purchased on or through the local representative:

Waldemar Buettner
+971 (0) 52 8952695

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