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C. Bechstein Gleams Golden

C. Bechstein Gleams Golden

In Celebration of its 160th anniversary, Bechstein, one of Germany’s most historic and at the same time most modern piano-makers, presents its a unique achievement: a luxurious, sumptuously ornamented instrument made by master craftsmen and artists using the most exquisite materials. This incomparable piano glows with a regal aura. Rich gold leaf, delicate woodcarving, and elegant miniature paintings after the style of Watteau embrace an outstanding acoustic design. Inside the elaborate Louis XV case beats the young heart of a modern C. Bechstein grand piano: the CB B 212 model, a masterpiece of acoustic engineering and craftsmanship, made for the most discriminating professional artists.

“The Golden Grand Piano recalls a glamorous era in the company’s history when we filled orders for crowned heads and famous artists. It also demonstrates the brand’s return to its legendary strength,” said Karl Schulze, CEO of C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG, Berlin. “We have built it after the specifications of a 19th-century masterpiece made by Carl Bechstein himself for the royal court of England. This instrument is the epitome of craftsmanship and creativity – a fitting homage to the grand seigneur of piano-making.”

In three years of work on the Golden Grand Piano, the C. Bechstein staff have demonstrated skills that few craftsmen still master today: precious woods were selected, patiently cured and delicately shaped; filigree ornaments carved of solid walnut were richly finished in gold leaf; special lacquers were produced from traditional recipes and applied layer by layer to create the miniature paintings.

The touch of this unique instrument is just as luxurious as its ornamentation: the perfectly balanced action responds to every nuance of the pianist’s playing. For all its majestic appearance, the ultramodern Golden Grand Piano submits completely to the musician’s control, expressing every intention in the rich colors of the famous Bechstein sound.

Custom-built pianos by C. Bechstein today adorn stately homes, luxury yachts, and corporate headquarters. Before the Golden Grand Piano is delivered to its owner, it will travel to spectacular sites: Sanssouci Palace, the former residence of King Frederick the Great; and the Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City in Beijing — places dedicated to enduring art and culture, not to passing fads and fashions.

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