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The Finer Things:
The London Robe Company

The Finer Things: The London Robe Company

Back in the day, the robe served one primary function: warmth. It was what you threw on before heading out to get the morning paper. But over the past few decades, the robe has undergone a transition. Hugh Hefner gave it new meaning when he was seen sporting his infamous red silk robe, helping to redefine the robe as a symbol of leisure, relaxation and style. Of course, today's definition of loungewear has transcended Hugh, so whether or not you're looking to emulate him, if you were to invest in only one piece of loungewear and treat yourself for a little bit of luxury, it’s most surely a good time to consider a lounge robe.

We all know how important it is for a man to feel that sense of luxury and relaxation when he is in his sanctuary. Some men express this desire by buying big flat screen televisions; some express it by buying a pool table or creating a special place in the house where they can unwind after a long day’s work. For a man with comfort and luxury as his aim, opting for a lounge robe with clean lines and classic styling is not on the far side. After a long day, this is surely the way to go. Yet, not every man has a lounge robe and not everyman knows if he needs one, but the sure sign of a gentleman with classic style and grace demands that he owns at least one. Think James Bond.

As trends burst and fade, the London Robe Company revisitsthe sixties style to inspire men to up their sartorial game and consider lounge robes as essential attire for the well-appointed man,offering a chic and comfortable selection of luxury lounge wear, so you can lounge in style.

The London Robe Company is a Dubai-based fashion house that produces fine robes, luxury lounge wear, and rare fabric evening wear for some of the best dressed men and women in the world. Rare silks, intricate brocades, plush velvets, all hand-crafted by master tailors make their robes totally unique, elegant, and absolutely exclusive.

To view some of The London Robe Company’s collections visit Pintadera, Amwaj 3 Plaza Level, JBR, Dubai, or visit to know more.

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