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Montblanc Golden Elixir Collection:
Ink that turns words into gold

Montblanc Golden Elixir Collection: Ink that turns words into gold

Every word has special value and meaning. But when written in gold, words reveal their infinite power and preciousness. With ink containing 24ct gold and a handcrafted leather notebook to accompany it, the Montblanc Golden Elixir Collection turns the writing experience into a magical one, with words made of gold. Limited to just 100 pieces, the collection takes its inspiration from the ancient art of Medieval book illumination, when the masterful application of golden leaves and gold powder on paper was regarded as the most refined artisan craftwork. On the pages of handcrafted books and manuscripts, the beauty of language and the importance of culture were glorified in shining gold, revealing the sacred facet of words.

The Golden Elixir Ink is made of genuine 24 carat gold particles, and being one of the most expensive liquids worldwide, it is safely kept inside a small solid glass bottle secured with a gold plated cap engraved with the Montblanc emblem. According to Medieval alchemists, an elixir was a preparation supposedly capable of changing any metal to gold. While the Golden Elixir ink appears dark red inside the square bottle, the magic happens once it has dried on the black paper, with every letter and word turned into pure shimmering gold.

The counterpart of the rare ink, the Golden Elixir Notebook is reminiscent of the magnificence of Medieval books with their leather covers elaborately decorated in the finest gold to reflect the uniqueness and preciousness of the illuminated manuscripts held inside. The soft calfskin leather on the outside of the notebook is imprinted with an ornate ā€œGā€ monogram in 22ct gold leaves to celebrate the magic of gold. Inside the notebook, heavy deep black allows the Golden Elixir Ink to shine on its pages. In addition to a black grosgrain bookmark and gold paper edges, the notebook offers a wide range of calligraphy examples for inspiration.

With the Golden Elixir Ink, pen can be put to paper masterfully and illuminate the beauty and meaning of words as if by magic, one gold particle at a time.

The Montblanc Elixir Collection is available from June 2016 in selected Montblanc boutiques. For further information, visit

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