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A Posh Pack: best
luxury luggage lines

A Posh Pack: best luxury luggage lines

Words by Victoria Baker

One of the great joys of travel lies in the anticipation. It is the preparation. It is the journey not the destination. Years ago luggage was more than merely utilitarian… it told the story of its owner, of its many voyages. It bore the stamp of all the beautiful cities visited. Long after those travellers are gone, their luggage continues to afford us glimpses into their lost world. As modern travellers, we would all like to find luggage that embodies old-world elegance whilst also being practical. We’ve taken a survey of some of the most illustrious luggage brands on the market today and here are some of our favourite finds.

The Grande Dame of luggage: Louis Vuitton

In 1837 Vuitton started as an artisan suitcase maker for the French aristocracy. In 1853 he began crafting packing crates for Napoleon’s III wife, Empress Eugenie. They were used for the shipment of clothing between the Tuileries Palace, the Chateau de Saint Cloud and various seaside resorts. By 1854 he’d opened a store in Paris boosted by the advent of the steam engine. He innovated and replaced the leather on his suitcases with waterproof cloth, an audacious move at the time, his son created the infamous monogrammed initials and a legend was born.

Parisian Finesse with Light as a Feather Lipault

Available in a variety of stylish colours, this luggage is some of the lightest on the market. They say you can fill it to the brim and beyond and still be well under the weight restrictions imposed by airlines. Launched by French designer François Lipovetsky in 2005, Lipault has become one of France’s leading luggage brands. After years of designing luggage for Air France, Lipovetsky developed Lipault’s signature Plume Collection. Named after the French noun “plume”, which means “feather”, these Collections are designed to be as feather-light as their namesake.

The Indestructible Rimowa

Founded in 1898 in Cologne, Rimowa immediately became the top choice for society travellers. In 1937 the son of the company founder launched the first steamer trunk made of lightweight metal. Hitherto, suitcases had been made of wood and the switch to lightweight metals caused a minor revolution in the luggage industry. In 1950 the first case was made from aluminium with the sleek contour that has now become synonymous with the brand. This design combines minimum weight with maximum stability. Among the international jet set the contour cases have become de rigeur. The symbol of enduring German design, Rimowa is the BMW of suitcases.

Moynat – A New Star in the Parisian Luggage Firmament

Moynat was once the most luxurious Parisian suitcase manufacturer of the 19th century. Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH the world’s leading luxury group, ever on the lookout for new enterprises decided to bring the label back to life in 2010. For more than 100 years, from 1869 to the mid-1970s, Moynat catered to the carriage trade from a Paris shop located on Avenue de l’Opéra, offering all manner of trunks, hatboxes, fitted cases and hand luggage: first for horse-drawn conveyances and trains, and later automobiles. In 1976 the brand fizzled out, passing hands from owner to owner, until LVMH brought its elegant lustre to the brand. Made to measure suitcases, bags, and accessories in all styles form the staples of the re-emerging brand. The entry level price for Moynat begins at 1000 euros, setting the tone for the status of the label.

Buddha said “It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Perhaps the right luggage is more significant than we realize. When taken out of his natural habitat the traveller is stripped of the usual accoutrements of his status, sometimes only his luggage bears tribute to his social standing. Suddenly, a simple suitcase becomes a window into the traveller’s soul. After all, a suitcase is more than the sum of its parts. Beyond being a practical necessity and an elegant accessory, it is the luxury nomad’s most faithful travel companion.

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