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Decorating People’s Lives:
Interview with Veronika Gess

Decorating People’s Lives: Interview with Veronika Gess

It all started a year and half ago when two long dated friends from Qatar and Kuwait came for dinner. One of them asked VDQ if she would agree to make a wall-to-wall carpet for his ballroom palace and the other wished to have several of her over-dimensioned paintings for his homes in Qatar, Paris and London. With the keen interest she received, VDQ set out to offer her unique decorative art pieces to over dimensioned home owners who soaked up her art and wished to decorate their luxury homes or establishments with her art pieces and very unique furniture creations.

VDQ never did seek a notorious recognition but her art was immensely sought-after that she started undertaking projects for private clients only, working from her studio where she creates mural paintings on Plexiglas, canvas and any surface her clients so wish to have. For a few of her eccentric clients and upon request, VDQ decorates her art with gold and diamonds while not losing touch with her unique style. Her adventure is a heart-to-art story through her work that is meant to be a soul-to-soul relation with her clients, where exclusivity, rarity and confidentiality keep their true meaning. We caught up with VDQ at her beautiful home in Downtown Dubai to talk about her life, passion and artistic creations…

What inspired you and ultimately led you to work with decorative art? Have those influences translated to what you do?

I have always painted as far as I can remember; it has been a long dated passion. Being confronted by large open spaces, I answered my own demands to decorate walls up to 20 meters high and 6 meters wide with art that portrayed my personality. I always made my home a special place for myself, also making sure that it would be delightful to the eye of the beholder when he or she visited. My numerous travels around the globe concluded with an everlasting amazement; I simply observed the beauty of this world, the harmony in colors and was influence, among other things, by the people of different origins.

How would you communicate the value of your creations to enthusiasts who otherwise may just visit an exhibition or a gallery?

My creations are the reflection of a fertile imagination linked to events and incredible experiences I’ve had throughout my life. They are portrayed in a modern and abstract style which doesn’t follow the rules of the “abstract” style as it is normally defined. Enthusiasts clearly see for themselves that my work is very original, unique and resembles no other because each painting has a story... my story, my interpretation and is beautified to decorate people's environment thus decorating people's lives. I have no aspirations of being a gallery artist. I just want to satisfy people’s needs to decorate their interiors with an artistic touch that is my own. I feel it’s necessary to bring an original concept to life without any limitations of size or creativity. I simply am doing for others what I would do for myself; I enjoy living in an environment that is original and unique and many people with exclusive taste tend to dream the same thing. I contribute to making their dreams come true.

What has been one of your favorite projects that your decorative surfaces have been featured in?

I do not specifically have a favorite project, every project is unique and is hand-sewn with love and passion for each and every client. Whether on Plexiglass, over dimensioned mural paintings or carpets, my satisfaction is that my work makes an impact on the keeper of my work and the beholder. Fortunately yet surprisingly, it always does – It never leaves anyone indifferent!

What would be your dream creative project?

To decorate, with my creations, an entire house or penthouse loft where each and every object would be a unique piece of art. Living in an environment driven by art contributes to a certain well-being which I could not live without. Most people I know feel the same way – living in a museum-like home is, in itself, a magical experience.

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